ABO injection for migraine treatment


Botox migraine injections are an alternative treatment for migraine pain. That are being widely recommended. Because of the practical results that can be seen. Helps reduce chronic headaches .Before undergoing treatment, Botox injections help with migraines. Being prepared and studying information is also very important. In order to be used as information for treatment as well.

Symptoms of migraine are headache in the right or left sides, pain around the head, around the face, as well as occipital headache, which is a throbbing pain similar to the heartbeat. Some people may experience blurred vision, flashes of light, and sensitivity to stimuli such as loud noises. Strong smell Bright light or migraine in the eyes

Although some people try to modify their behavior. Take basic migraine remedies or take medication, but the symptoms still do not improve. Botox migraine injections are therefore one of the safe treatment options for migraines and stress headache.

Botox migraine injection is Botulinum toxin inject on the face between eyebrows, occipital, nape of neck, forehead and shoulders at about 31 points to help reduce symptoms.

The substances in Botox inhibit nerve endings, which are intermediaries in sending pain signals to the part of the brain that links to the muscles. It is this mechanism that helps reduce muscle spasms. Reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms by up to 60-70% within 4-6 months after Botulinum toxin injection.


Causes of migraine

Migraine is a type of neurological disorder. This is caused by transient abnormalities in chemical levels within the brain. The abnormality results in the patient’s brain stem being stimulated and resulting in blood vessels in the cortex being constricted and loosened in a more normal way.

Patients feel headaches in one side or in some cases, headaches on both sides, and have symptoms that vary from mild, moderate to severe symptoms that affect their lifestyle.

In addition to headaches. Migraines also result in patients having an allergic reaction to light. Increased sensitivity to sound, vomiting, nausea and dizziness.

Migraine is a chronic disease that cannot be cured by the patient. Once suffered, migraines are continuous, and can also be found in childhood. Working age, as well as old age.

Factors that cause migraine

As for the factors that cause migraines, it comes from several factors, including :

  • Not getting enough sleep, lack of sleep
  • Caffeine and alcohol drinks, as well as eating foods that trigger migraines
  • stress Symptoms of anxiety
  • Too loud noise
  • Extremely hot weather
  • Sunlight with excessive levels of brilliance
  • Exercising too much
  • unpleasant smell; stink pungent smell;
  • Excessive eyesight Focusing on your computer or phone screen for extended periods of time
  • Drinking less water
  • Stand or sit in the wrong and proper posture.
  • Changes in female hormones, such as menstruation

Risk factors of migraine headaches are common today. As a result, the number of patients is constantly increasing. More and more people are interested in Botox injections to treat migraines.

Each person can receive different levels of strength.There are those who can not stand it without taking medication, those who cannot stand it until they need to see a doctor, and those who have severe headaches that make it impossible to work or go to school normally, etc.

Forms of migraine

Forms of migraine We can classify 2 main types. These include migraine without warning symptoms (Migraine without Aura) and migraine with warning symptoms (Migraine with Aura) , with details of each type as follows :

  1. Migraine without warning symptoms (Migraine without Aura)                       These include migraine without warning symptoms (Migraine without Aura) It will be a migraine that can be found more frequently than another type. Is a headache without warning you before. There is a unilateral headache. Violence ranges from moderate to severe and increases in severity if physical activity occurs and cannot be cured. Symptoms do not go away until the medication is taken, and unannounced headaches occur within 4-72 hours.
  2. Migraine with warning symptoms (Migraine with Aura)
    Migraine with warning symptoms (Migraine with Aura) It is a migraine that can be found less often than the first type. There will be at least one warning sign, such as sensory guidance, eye guidance, speech guidance, weakness, and brain stem guidance, which will last at least 5-10 minutes to 1 hour or more before the actual symptoms arrive.
    In addition to migraines with and without warning symptoms, there are other types of migraines such as eye pain, acute migraines, chronic migraines, migraines with warning symptoms but no headaches, and menstrual migraines.

What are the treatments for migraine?

For the treatment of common migraine Initially, the doctor will have an examination and diagnosis based on the patient’s symptoms, history, as well as physical examinations such as CT SCAN (Computerized Tomography Scan) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). It is usually divided into 3 forms :

  1.  Treatment of migraine with surgery Although migraines appear to be mild pain or require surgery and cannot be treated, they are currently experiencing mild pain. Migraine surgery has become an option for better pain reduction. It is a surgical removal of the tissue that causes migraine according to the doctor’s diagnosis.
  2. Common migraine treatment
    For the treatment of common migraine, most patients take migraine painkillers, which have different types of medications. Each drug has its own side effects. However, such pain must be taken through consultation or advice by a pharmacist prior to taking the medication, including a direct diagnosis from a doctor.
    Apart from this, migraine pain can also be treated with lifestyle modifications. Avoid factors that provoke migraines. Get enough sleep. Regular exercise in a fit and proper manner, etc.
  3. Migraine Treatment with Botulinum Toxin
    Botox injections to help migraines are a very popular choice because they can treat chronic headaches quickly and with good results.

Migraine that should be treated

Botox migraine is one of the most popular treatments and results can be seen. however Migraine pain varies in severity depending on the individual, which factors and tolerance of the body are important. So what kind of symptoms should you see a doctor?

  • Severe headaches, severe headaches
  • acute headache; Pain occurs unexpectedly often
  • Headache accompanied by fever, chills
  • Blurred vision, weakness, confusion, numbness
  • There is numbness. Numbness sensation at various points
  • Slurred speech Inability to communicate normally
  • Chronic headaches and more severe when moving. Coughing, exertion or change of posture
  • In the case of people over 50 years old, the elderly, and have headaches that they have never faced before.


What is Botox migraine injection?


Botox migraine injection is one of the treatments for migraine that is gaining attention among people in Thailand. who need a new option for effective pain treatment. It can work effectively and prevent migraines in the long run.

Botulinum Toxin, one of the beauty technologies that many people are familiar with and well known, is used as an important ingredient for migraine treatment. Draw on the properties of Botox to treat patients effectively within a short period of time.

Botox injections to treat migraines What is it? It is a question that many people often ask because of the habit that we tend to know Botox as a beauty technology. It helps to lift and tighten the face and reduce wrinkles, as well as outstanding features to enhance beauty, adjust the contour of the face to be slender and perfect.

Botox migraine injection is Botox injection or Botulinum Toxin type A for reducing unilateral headaches, migraine headaches, chronic headaches,muscle spasm etc.

In other words, the current Botox injection It is not just limited to beauty treatment, but it is another medical technology that doctors bring to reduce migraine pain. Chronic headaches, stress headaches, and can also help treat brain and nervous system diseases.

It must be said that Botulinum Toxin injections treat migraines. Officially verified and certified by the U.S FDA Approved, U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In 2010, it was officially recognized as a relief for headaches. It actually treats migraines and other neurological and brain conditions.

Until 2022, Botox became well-known and continued to be used medically. It is widely popular all over the world, as well as in Thailand, where Botox is injected to treat migraines. It has also been officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.

About Botox (Botulinum Toxin)

BOTOX (Botulinum Toxin) It is a protein extracted from bacteria called Closridium butolinum (Clostridium botulinum) which has been verified and researched and certified for more than 100 years.

In 1895, it was used in medical treatment, where the substance was extracted in the form of injections, one of which was migraine treatment. Treatment for chronic headaches is also available.

In addition to the use of Botox for medical treatment. Botulinum Toxin is also used in beauty treatments as we know it for its wrinkle-reducing properties. Face lifting, facial contouring, and wrinkle reduction.

There are many types of Botox at present. The type approved and registered with the FDA is Botulinum Toxin Type A , also known as Botox.

How Botox injections treat migraine?

Botox migraine injections are a new option for treating and preventing chronic headaches and migraines. However, many people wonder how Botox is used to enhance people’s beauty. Can beauty treatment, facial contouring, tightening and wrinkles really reduce migraine pain?

It is an officially accepted and widespread treatment around the world with the principle of injecting Botulinum Toxin type A or Botox to make the muscles relax.

After the injection, it will send the substance to help inhibit the nerve endings that will transmit symptoms. Pain signals go to the brain, and that helps the patient to get symptoms in remission. Injections can help migraine headaches and chronic headaches reduce their severity.

As for how Botox injections help migraines. The doctor will inject Botox for pain to various points around the shoulders, neck, forehead, eyebrows with 31 injections around the head.

The results can be seen from the first injection within 3-5 days and can help treat symptoms with effects lasting up to 3 months. It can reduce pain by up to 70%.

Who should do Botox injection to treat migraine?


After reading the details about Botox migraine,who is already intending to go for an injection to treat migraine.

Botulinum toxin migraine treatment Are you in the group that can be injected? To guide decisions before receiving treatment. We’ve put together a list of recommendations on who should get Botox injections for migraine treatment.

  • People with migraine at all levels
  • Those with severe and persistent headaches
  • People with frequent migraine headaches
  • Those who have chronic headaches for a long period of time
  • Those who cannot be treated by taking medication
  • Those who need to take painkillers for a long period of time
  • People with Office Syndrome
  • Those who have treated migraines with other methods do not see results.
  • Those who get headaches from taking too many painkillers
  • Affected by lifestyle from severe headaches such as having to stop studying, having to stop working, etc.

Who should not do Botox injection to treat migraine?

Although Botox migraine injections are gaining a lot of attention nowadays, treatment needs to be studied carefully before making a decision to inject for the safety of the treatmentr. In addition to understanding who is suitable for Botulinum toxin migraine treatment, it is also necessary to study who should not inject it.

  • People with muscular weakness
  • People with respiratory problems
  • People with swallowing problems
  • People with urinary tract infections
  • Those with symptoms of infection at the site that requires Botox injection

However, getting migraine treatment with Botox injections It is important to consult and seek advice from a medical professional, especially if you are in any of the above conditions that may be at risk during the injection and treatment. In addition, it is recommended to inform the doctor thoroughly of the necessary information, including:

  • Schedule future or upcoming surgery
  • Side effects of Botox cosmetic injections that have been injected
  • Have had surgery on the face and various points around the head.
  • Bleeding is difficult to stop, there is a risk of bruising easily.
  • Being during pregnancy and lactation

Advantages – Limitations of Botox Migraine Injection

The decision to inject Botox migraine is not an easy one, as it is a new option that needs to be studied thoroughly to prepare and be as confident as possible. which compares the advantages and limitations of Botox migraine treatment injections will help you make decisions and prepare before injections more easily. We have prepared the advantages and considerations of Botox injections to recommend to you.

Advantages of Botox migraine injection

What are the advantages of Botox migraine? Why is it so popular today? We’ve listed the benefits that make Botox injections to treat migraines more and more recommended for you to make a decision on.


  • Results can be seen quickly within just 3-5 days.
  • Long-term results can be seen for 4-6 months.
  • Results can be seen from the first injection It is not necessary to inject several cycles to see results.
  • It helps reduce the severity of migraine headaches well.
  • It reduces the frequency of migraine headaches by more than 70%.
  • Botulinum Toxin is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Standardized and
  • researched to produce real and quality results.
  • Helps prevent migraines Prevents headaches.
  • Reduce excessive medication Botox injections can quickly reduce headaches without taking medication.
  • Reduce excessive medication Botox injections can quickly reduce headaches without taking medication.
  • Treatment of migraine with Botox has few side effects.

Limitations of Botox Migraine Injection

Of course, when there are advantages of Botox migraine injections, restrictions must also be considered. A limitation that can be seen about Botulinum toxin migraine injections is that the treatment effect can last for 3-4 months, which may require continuous injections for timely treatment and prevention.

However, many patients are quite satisfied with the duration of treatment that can last up to 6 months. Do not inject for a long period of time as it may cause side effects, including Botox resistance.

Does Botox migraine injections has side effects?

Are Botox migraines dangerous? What are the side effects if injected? Botox injections to treat migraines, there are quite a few side effects. It can be assured that absolutely no harm will occur.
However, it is necessary to be careful about Botox injections whether the injected substance is genuine or not. Including receiving treatment with an experienced and professional doctor, you will be able to ensure that it is safe and reduce any problems as well.
If you continue to experience severe migraine headaches after Botox migraine injections, as well as additional unusual symptoms, you may be able to contact us. It is recommended to seek medical attention immediately.

Is Botox injection for migraine dangerous?

Botox migraines are safe. Because it has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the Thai Food and Drug Administration. ensuring that it will not cause harm to the body But in some cases, if Botulinum toxin is injected, migraines or headaches on the left side, right side on both sides, or chronic headaches will actually be reduced. But there will be a few side effects as follows.

  • Swelling, redness, bruises, or bulges from needles Symptoms disappear in 1-2 days.
  • Swelling and redness caused by allergies soreness at the injection site or infection

But such cases are less likely to occur. If using real Botox injection in the right position and under the supervision of a medical professional

In addition, if injecting Botox for pain relief, you may be careful about the duration. There should be a gap of at least 3 months from migraine Botox injections to prevent resistance to Botox.

Botox injection procedure for migraine treatment

Botox migraine injection procedure It doesn’t take much time . It is safe especially if you choose to use the service with a medical professional. Specialized hospitals or clinics with expertise will allow for easier and safer access to procedures.

Migraine injections

The procedure for Botulinum toxin injection to treat migraine is as follows :

  1. See a doctor to discuss Botox migraine injections and inform your doctor of details and diagnosis from your specialist.
  2. Prepare for Botox injection treatment and learn about what to do before and after the injection.
  3. When entering the Botox injection procedure The doctor will select the appropriate amount of Botox and inject it into 31 different areas around the head.
  4. When fully injected Clear results can be seen within days 3-5 of the injection.

Self-care after Botox migraine injection


In order for Botox migraine injections to see results quickly and effectively. The main thing that the healer must prepare and study well is to take care of themselves after Botox injection. We’ve included some precautionary guidelines.

  • Avoid caffeinated beverages and foods that trigger migraines.
  • Avoid places that provoke migraines. The environment is too crowded and crowded. Noisy areas Excessive sunlight or strong light
  • Give yourself plenty of time to rest, get enough sleep, and don’t stay up late or lose sleep.
  • Stress relief ,reduce anxiety
  • Observe any abnormalities after injection and see a doctor immediately.
  • Exercise regularly and appropriately, not overdo it.

Botox migraine injection, how many days can I see results?

For the duration of Botox migraine injection. You can see the change within the first day of injection, but the clearest and most complete results will be seen within 3-5 days and will last up to 4-6 months before the substance fades on its own.

It is recommended that you consult with your medical professional or personal physician to allocate the appropriate time for Botox injections. To prevent Botox resistance and side effects from injecting too much

How much does Botox migraine injection cost?

Many people may think that Botox migraine is expensive or requires a budget of hundreds of thousands, but it must be said that at BTX Migraine Center, Botox Migraine starts at only 9,900 baht and there are many packages and forms to decide on injections as well.

Compared to the duration of the results of 4-6 months, it must be said that it is very cost-effective and interesting. In addition, at present, clinics or migraine treatment centers by specialized doctors also have promotions. Treatment offerings are also recommended to increase cost-effectiveness and choice for the treatment provider.

โบท็อกไมเกรน ราคา

Where to get Botox migraine injection?

Considering the principles of where to choose the best Botox migraine injection, it is very important that you can treat migraine effectively, safely, and receive the best care. Therefore, Botox migraine treatment is necessary to choose carefully with advice on choosing a place as follows:

  • The hospital is reliable, quality, and standardized.
  • There are specialist doctors who only treat and give advice.
  • The medical facility is clean, the areas are tidy and hygienic.
  • Fully equipped Modern and effective tools
  • The staff are expert and attentive to service.
  • The clinic is easily accessible. Travel fluently and easily.
  • Botulinum toxin is authentic and qualitative.
  • Good value for money. Reasonable, consistent with quality
  • Good service both before and after treatment. There is follow-up on treatment outcomes.

Botox Migraine Injection at BTX Migraine Center

โบท็อกไมเกรน BTX Migraine Center

If anyone is looking for a cure for migraines? One of the recommended options is the BTX Migraine Center, a migraine treatment center by neurologist with modern equipment and the latest technology .Treatment of Botox migraine starts at only 9,900 baht.
BTX Migraine Center is a well-known and widely popular migraine treatment center that offers a new option for migraine treatment where you can see results quickly with quality, authentic and verified Botox. The clinic is clean, the equipment is safe, and it is conveniently located. Detailed follow-up on treatment outcomes and recommendations from specialists are carried out to help ensure the best outcome for the treatment.

Frequently asked questions

What a person undergoing Botox migraine injections must prepare well is to study and understand the question in question as much as possible.And the better you prepare, the lower the risk and the better the outcome of the treatment. We have included frequently asked questions about Botox injections to treat migraines.

How long does Botox migraine injection take?

Botox migraine injections take about 5-10 minutes per point, which takes about 1-3 hours.

Can Botox injections cure migraine permanently?

Migraines are usually incurable, but you can help prevent them and reduce pain. Not to show symptoms. Botox injections are appropriate and correct, It will help treat migraines well and continuously. Reduce soreness and pain by more than 70%


Botox migraine is a new migraine treatment option that can answer the question very well. You will be able to quickly treat your pain and see the results clearly from the first use.

If anyone is interested in getting treatment to prevent and reduce migraine headaches at all levels. Introducing BTX Migraine Center, a migraine treatment center by specialized doctors who have specialist doctors to perform care. Experienced staff and attentive service before and after Modern equipment, new and safe

It can give you advice on migraine headaches as well. For those who are interested, please contact us. For advice and appointment, please call 090 – 970- 0447 or contact us via Line @ayaclinic for free.


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