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New alternative treatment for Migraine. Because chronic migraine pain causes suffering and affects the quality of life of patients. Treatment of migraine with BTX type A by neurologist can reduce the severity and frequency of migraine attack by 90% and reduce the usage of oral medication. This treatment is approved by the United States (US FDA) and Thailand since 2010.

Migraine treatment with BTX type A injection

Suitable for
  • People who suffer from migraine pain and office syndrome
  • People who have to take painkillers for a long time
  • People who regularly take pain medication to stop migraine.
  • People who have to stop studying or stop working due to migraine
  • People who have side effects from taking pain medication consecutively.
  • People who do not cure migraine by other methods

LOng Term Effects

Reduce migraine headache for 4-6 months.

Less headache

The frequency and severity of migraine reduced by 70%

LEss Side Effects

Reduce the dosage and side effects from taking the drug for more than 90%

LESS Painkillers

Reduce the use of painkillers more than 90%

BTX type A

BTX type A has been used in the medical field for over 30 years. It is known for the treatment of patients in Aesthetic and cosmetic fields. It is used for reduce wrinkles to look younger and reshape the face  In a large number of patients who are treated in beauty doses to treat wrinkles around the forehead, crow’s feet are also found to improve chronic migraine headaches.

Studies have confirmed that BTX type A injections are effective at treating migraine. And has been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration since 2010. BTX type A injection for migraine treatment is a treatment by a brain specialist  doctor ,it is known and widely used throughout the world including university hospitals and large private hospitals in Thailand.


BTX type A

Start from
฿ 9,900

Dr. Prin Boonchut


  • Doctor of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University
  • Diplomate Thai Board of Neurology
  • Member of the Neurology Association
  • Certificate in Aesthetic Dermatology, Mae Fah Luang University


“I had a migraine 3-4 times per month. Using normal painkillers doesn’t work. Need to adjust the dose up. Another thing is that I am tired of taking a lot of drug. Sometimes forgot to eat. I came to consult the doctor and injected Botulinum Toxins. No more pain. Life is much better!!”
Mr. Kanok Pakdeetanagoon
“I have frequent migraine pain. Especially during menstruation period, will have a lot of pain, have to leave the work until the boss almost chased me out. Sometimes taking a lot of medicine and will have stomach pain because of gastritis. After injecting Botulinum Toxins in 4 months, there is almost no recurrence. No need for painkillers. Gastritis symptoms disappeared. The injection of Botulinum Toxins can really help.
Ms. Monthip Porjai
Executive Secretary
“Suffering with a migraine pain. Relapses are frequent almost every week. Have to eat many kinds of drug, buy several thousand baht per month. If compared, the injection of Botulinum Toxins is much more save. Then injected, the pain disappeared for several months. Worth more than taking a lot of drug.”
Ms. Jananya Smathivat
HR Manager
“Gastritis is more frequent because of migraine pain drugs that hurt the stomach. Feeling tired of using drugs. Come to consult the doctor and decide to treat migraines with Botulinum Toxins. Migraine symptoms and gastrointestinal symptoms disappear. No need to eat a lot of drugs anymore.”
Ms. Chalita Phudphong
Procurement staff 6, Overseas procurement division and customs clearance, Tobacco Authority of Thailand


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